Courses Offered

Grade A
Level Ⅰ
  • Introduction to chessboard and pieces and their values, object of the game, placement of chessboard, and arranging the pieces, movement of each price
  • Exchange of pieces checking the king, getting out of check, checkmate, special moves like castling and en-passant paw capture
  • Rule of touch and moving, illegal moves, who a game is drawn, chess notations i.e. recording a game while playing.
Grade B
Level Ⅱ
  • Elementary checkmates like two rook mate, queen mate, one rook mate and double bishops mate
  • Problem solving - checkmate in one move (around 20 different positions are covered)
  • Checkmate in two move (around 40 different positions are covered)
Grade C
Level Ⅲ
  • Problem solving - checkmate in three moves (around 30 different positions are covered)
  • Revision of elementary checkmate and en-passant pawn capture
  • A few guiding principal of opening part of the game like, control of the centre, development of the pieces, minimum pawn move etc.
Grade D
Level Ⅳ
  • Middle game combination techniques like Pin, Knight Fork, Double attack, Skewer, Back Rank, Discovered attack, Discovered Check, Decoy
  • Destroying the Defender, Deflection, Overloaded Piece, Line Opening and Line Closing, Square Vacation
  • Passes Pawn, X-rays, Windmills, Zwischenzug, Draw by Repetition, and Stalemate, Smothered Mate.
Grade E
Level Ⅴ
  • Basic Endgame ideas of King and Pawn endings like concept, of opposition, Berger's rule of Square, concept of triangulation, Rook and pawn ending
  • Basic positions like Philidor's Drawn position, Lucena's winning position etc.
  • Other endgame patterns like Queen against advance Pawn, Queen Verses Rook, etc., elementary checkmate with Bishop and Knight.
Grade E
Our Expectations from Parents
  • Regular practice
  • Regular attendance
  • Encourage student to participate in tournaments