Why Chess?

Effective Russian methods of training

Chess has always had an image problem, being seen as a game for brilliancy and people with already high IQs or intellectually gifted people. Any person can play chess and become quite adept at the game. Chess is the best sport to exercise the most important organ in our bodies - the brain. The game of chess might not help you build your physical fitness, but your lifelong mental health can certainly benefit from it. Chess helps in improving child’s concentration, problem-solving ability, analytical ability, sharp decision making ability, creative thinking and even mathematical abilities. Children with special educational needs can improve their abilities to learn and interact with other children if they are involved in school chess programs and chess clubs. Read more..

Our Mission

Joshi's Chess Academy is set up with a mission to provide a platform for the upcoming players to nurture their talents and make a mark in national and international chess. It is a place for professional chess training in Thane, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and surrounding areas. Chess has a lot of benefits like, chess can raise intelligence quotient (IQ) scores, strengthen problem solving skills, teaching how to make difficult and abstract decisions independently etc. Joshi's Chess Academy is a group of coaches under the guidance and headed by Abhijit Joshi (FIDE Instructor, FIDE Arbiter & Head Coach), a seasoned chess player. He has Professional experience in chess coaching for more than Sixteen years. Various students of the academy have regularly won prizes in various competitions from local to international level.

Effective Russian methods of training

Effective Russian Methods of Training

Students are trained according to effective russian methods of training as suggested by world's best chess trainers. A magnetic demonstration board is used for training. The academy is conducting batches for different playing standards, i.e. from beginners to internationally rated players.

Analytical sessions

Analytical Session

Analytical session is conducted after each tournament. Games played by students under strict tournament conditions are analyzed.

Practice Session

Practice sessions

Regular practice sessions are conducted as a part of preparation for the tournaments.